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One-stop destination for every artist where they can find all the professional tools and gears they need to grow as an artist. It was started on November 10, 2020, with a goal to help 10 dancers find dance shoes by different International brands. These brands are more than 50 years old now but still never came to India for various reasons. At the same time, these products offered by these professional International brands are worn by all professional dancers across the globe. TAIY Store is the first store to bring dance gears by BLOCH, Capezio, Merlet, Freed London and so many more in India so that dancers can finally get that quality that we all have been looking for.

The Mission of this store is to help dancers across the country, company, and studio with all their professional needs for any dance style like Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip- Hop, Kathak, and more.

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Looking forward to reaching the right audience for your Events/Workshops?

TDX Choreo Camp 2020
The Danceworx Dance company
  • We love to promote artists and their art. So our audience is always looking up to what we have to share today. 

  • Campaigns that we can launch from time to time which can help to land up specific leads for your event/ workshops/ prdoduct

  • Since we maintain the records of our custmers/ Artists we already know clients who would be interested to know more about you and your services.

Anvita Sudarshan actor


  • Anvita Sudarshan is well known actress, Indian filmmaker and won a lot of beauty pageants.

  • TAIY was proud to promote this inspiring artist's first book BEAUTY QUEEN across 4 social platforms.


  • Promoted across 3 different social platforms

  • More than 12 International artists

  • Guest speaker on the final day Imtiaz Ali Ashley Lobo and Alex Wong


podcast fitness instructor

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Podcast with Jaison Mathew
Podcast with Sakshi Gupta

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