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Passion Led Us Here

The Artist Inside You

It doesn't matter if you are a dancer, singer, writer, chef, painter, any artist from anywhere. The Artist Inside You is a one-stop destination for every artist out there. It is a platform where we can connect and together build this community. After all, we are so dependent on each other no matter where we come from and what we have been through. We understand each other and hence this is a platform where we together help each other to build and discover the real ARTIST Inside each one of us.
The Artist Inside You Store is another branch of this platform where we help different artists find the right tools (products) to build themselves into those professional artists. The store was started in November 2020 one year later the platform with another attempt to reach and help more artists. As a result, we are on our way to helping more than 2000+ dancers across India. The first and till date the only store selling brands like BLOCH, Merlet, Grishko, So Danca, Capezio in India.


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Puneet Arora is a 26-year-old professional dancer trained in Dance styles like Contemporary, Jazz, ballet, hip hop, social dancing, Bollywood, etc. Trained personally and worked with teachers like Ashley Lobo, Yuko Harada, Valerie Green, Amith Kumar, Jaison Mathew, Timothy Wilson, and many more beautiful artists.
After traveling in India and outside India performing on more than 300 stages like 
IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur, Symbiosis, St.Xavier, 30 cities in China,14 cities in Mexico, and many more here and there now he aims to connect with a minimum of 30-70 artists every day!
"I am searching for a place where we are united by passion and inspired by the determination of each other. For a very long time, I searched for inspiration in my life but once I found this platform I realize what we all have. We need not do anything to prove or to try to become anything else once we realize what we already have. everything we are is perfect."


Within just 6 months of starting this platform, we have got an overwhelming response of collaboration with more than 100 artists from and outside India, Each one of them is so inspiring and shared so much despite the restrictions everyone had due to the 2020 situation. Now we are super excited to see what we all can create and share together with this world.


The first physical appearance of The Artist Inside You Store as a sponsor at IFBC Saket, for this beautiful event with more than 300 dancers called Lead o Latino. 

After more than a year working online and helping dances across India online, this was an amazing experience for the whole team to be a meet and greet dancers offline. we could not only introduce them to a new wide range of products available in India for the first time but also get to know how we can help them find the right products. 

Lock Down was hard for a lot of us, especially for people the jobs/ work got shut completely for the whole lockdown. Nobody could have planned but despite that, there are a lot of people "Artists" who before thinking about themselves like to take charge of how they can help others. One product of collaboration with such artists led to accumulating donations of more than 10,000 by a new platform which is only was 4 months old.
Thanks to the artist Atulan Purohit and Divesh Tolani combining it with THAAGAM foundation efforts we were able to feed more than 400 homeless people!

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