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As artists we all are constantly looking for opportunities, well we like to provide you the best opportunities in your town!

We are determined to provide all the recent updates for audition updates and paid projects happening to you right away. The process has already started and if you would like to get all the updates too, connect with us today. As every day there is a door opens for us. Now it depends on us if we want to go through or just pretend to wait for the opportunity to come to us.

1. Create your profile
Fill up this form with basic details and a bio which will help us to put you in our data where your important information and work links are ready to be given to the client right away.
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2.Follow us for regular updates 
Now that we have your profile let's stay in touch where we will be adding you to a Whatsapp group where regular updates from different cities and different professions will be regularly posted.
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3. Bonus updates/projects
With these we also keep you updated with projects and opportunities provided by other agencies as well. Regular updates on our posts and stories. 
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Common Questions/Doubts

1. Who all can register for this feature?

As mentioned before this is a platform for every artist. Hence, dancers, models, photographers, make-up artists, social influencers, choreographers, chefs, directors, singers, or anyone into the creation process can fill this form. Once your data is with us we can keep in mind the approach for projects accordingly.

2. Is it safe to share personal/work-related information like this?

Totally, as this is just like an online form just like any other casting agency. We store this data only with us and once it matches to any job profile we will be using to reach to you to ask for approval to initiate the process. We have just created this platform so that all of this takes lesser time and everyone gets an equal opportunity to apply for a particular opportunity.

3. Do we charge for these services?

Nope! we basically want to create a system of agency that allows fair prices and opportunities to artists as much as possible. So we won't be charging for most of these services until and unless it's a big project where we feel we should charge on the basis to cover our taxes and survival cost to help other artists. Which will also be notified to you before we initiate the project.

3.Why are we doing this? 

We feel as artists we all struggle and make our way up. At the same time, we are here to represent and support every artist who is passionate and committed to his or her dream. So we are here to show you all the open doors for you as artists. Now to enter or not is totally up to you but we are here to help you go through them.

4.Have another question?

Write to us at today and we would love to answer you. We are always here to help The Artist Inside You....

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